We at Good For The Soul Music are happy to help you pray and worship with music that’s good for the soul. In accord with our ministry of service, we are pleased to offer the following options for licensing and reprinting music that is copyrighted by Good For The Soul Music.

What is a Copyright?
A copyright is an intellectual property that belongs to a copyright holder. Only the copyright holder or administrator has the legal right to use the copyrighted work, or to allow someone else to use it. Anyone who wishes to use the copyrighted work must first obtain permission from the copyright holder or administrator. Copyright information can generally be found below the printed work.

Copyright Specifics
Here are a few general facts regarding licensing of copyrighted music:

  • The reprint license covers only those works and quantities stated in the license itself.
  • Only words and melody lines are covered by the reprint license, unless otherwise stated.
  • Music and texts may not be altered in any way from the original composition.
  • It is understood that the license is to be used only by the church or institution that purchased it. Reprints are not intended for resale.
  • Churches, schools, and non-profit organizations are not exempt from federal copyright law.

All Good For The Soul Music titles can be reported through OneLicense.net.

OneLicense.net is an exciting new endeavor committed to making it easy for churches to obtain reprint permission, and easy for both churches and music publishers to record all usage for a totally equitable distribution of royalties to composers and authors.
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