“Lately, I have faced some very challenging lessons that nearly washed away what little faith I had left in me.  A friend of mine gave me your 'Surrender' CD today and as I listened to the lyrics, I felt as if God, Himself, was speaking to me through your songs.  Your music helped me give over to God and thus find a path to peace.”

"Thank you for all you have done for me. I continue to find your music inspirational and it gets me through the difficult times in my life."

In 1987, we began our journey of writing, recording, and presenting music that is Good For The Soul. We have a passion to connect the Sacred to the Ordinary and to give voice to the feelings of the heart.

Time and talent, disappointment and hope, fear and freedom have brought us back to one piece of wisdom that shapes our mission…

We share our music to help people experience the embrace of God. That is Good For The Soul! Thanks for sharing our music with your friends.

God bless your journey.

David and Missy Kauffman

Through the grace and guidance of the Holy Spirit, we are building Good For The Soul Music into an outstanding inspirational music company whose products feed the souls of God’s people.

For people on a faith journey, Good For The Soul Music connects the sacred to the ordinary, gives voice to the feelings of the heart, and awakens the soul, leading to a closer relationship with God and people important in their lives. The way we do this is through the message, the music, the employees and the artists who are – Good for the Soul.

Good For The Soul Music is a friend, confidant and companion on the journey.

Good For The Soul Music artists use their inspired and anointed gifts to create music which touches hearts, feeds souls and influences lives.

  • The creative spirit of our artists
  • A workplace filled with passion, dedication, innovation & fun!
  • Promoting the spiritual wellness & wholeness of others
  • Serving a ministerial role first… changing the world in our own small way
  • Creating an organization of value that endures for generations