Since December of 2002, and the release of David Kauffman's Be Still CD, friends and supporters from all over the country have asked what they could do to help achieve our vision. The SoulMates Network offers an answer.

What's our Vision?

Through the grace and guidance of the Holy Spirit, we are building Good For The Soul Music into an outstanding inspirational music company whose products feed the souls of God’s people.

How do SoulMates help?

A SoulMate.

  • Contacts their favorite music retailer, armed with a Good For The Soul Music Sampler (that we provide to you), in hopes of getting the retailer to begin carrying our line of music.
  • Helps to host concerts in their community.
  • Prays for the expanded reach of our music ministry and for the concerns of other SoulMates in the network.
  • Assists with our "Major Moments" marketing campaigns from time to time. Major Moments create enormous "reach expansion" in the span of a 3-minute song.
  • Emails us with information about conferences, gatherings, and happenings they believe would help us meet our mission.
  • Gathers email addresses of people to whom they want to offer the SoulNet Newsletter.
  • Receives email from us with "rough mixes" from new studio projects
  • Participates in the thought process of new projects, ventures, that we are considering.

In short, a SoulMate is an insider of sorts, who knows what's going on, knows what's going to happen before it actually happens, and becomes our eyes and ears around the world to help us do our best to reach out with what's Good For The Soul.

If you want to join up, sign in below and we'll put you in touch with the our SoulMates Coordinator.

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